A vision for the Agriculture, Food and Fibres Sector of Aotearoa New Zealand

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This is us

We are the farmers, growers, fishers, makers, and crafters of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We aspire to an enriched future by providing the world’s most discerning consumers with outstanding, ethically produced food, natural fibres, drinks, co- and bioproducts, all sourced from our land and oceans.

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Our reason for being

We embrace the Māori concept of Taiao, a deep relationship of respect and reciprocity with the natural world. The health of the climate, land, water and living systems comes first. And when nature thrives so do our families, communities and businesses.

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This is our vision

We are committed to meeting the greatest challenge humanity faces; rapidly moving to a low carbon emissions society, restoring the health of our water, reversing the decline in biodiversity and at the same time, feeding our people.

We will own our part and lead the change that comes with it, starting now.

The principles of Taiao define our relationship with nature.

Alongside innovative science and technology, we are designing modern regenerative production systems fit for a better world.

Within a generation they will be the foundation of our prosperity and the way we, produce high-quality, trusted and healthy food, drinks and fibres. These outstanding products will speak of our land, oceans and people. They will be enjoyed by people all over the world, fulfilling their desires for functionality, wellbeing and aesthetics.

Taiao, and the health and wellbeing of our communities and children for generations to come, will be the benchmark of how we measure success.

Our values

Integrity · Guardianship · Ingenuity · Respect