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5 October 2022

Workforce funds for aquaculture industry

Funding boost aims to accelerate aquaculture strategic workforce plan to help the sector reach its goal of growing its annual sales to $3 billion by 2035 as part of the NZ government's Aquaculture Strategy.

1 October 2022

How premium petfood could become a $1 billion export industry for New Zealand

Aotearoa is on track to seize a larger and more lucrative share of the global premium pet foods market, says NZ Petfood Manufacturers Association's Richard Brake.

29 September 2022

New wine research centre 'a huge asset'

A $3.79m viticulture facility aims to help the NZ wine industry stay ahead of global trends and foster research in a 'Future Vineyard' by exploring automation and robotics, as well as climate resilience.

16 September 2022

Arable farmer trials sustainable methods

South Canterbury farmer Andrew Darling is aiming to phase out nitrogen use over the next 18 months by participating in a new research project led by the Foundation for Arable Research looking at new sustainable practices.

15 September 2022

Air New Zealand's first shipment of sustainable aviation fuel set to arrive

Air New Zealand's first shipment of sustainable aviation fuel has only just arrived, but already the airline is sounding out opportunities for locally produced biofuels using woody biomass collected from forestry waste.

8 September 2022

Kinleith Mill set for bioproducts study

Tokoroa site to host $2 million joint feasibility study aiming to harness the valuable by-products of wood fibre by exploring the development of new ranges of sustainable wood products, hydrogen and biofuels.

7 September 2022

Māori and Pasifika diabetes sufferers face new hope in battle against the killer disease

Research into alternative uses for whey permeate - a by-product from making cheese - has led to a company setting its sights on developing a remedy for people with type 2 diabetes.

1 September 2022

Bright prospects for global wood market justify bold rethink for New Zealand’s plantation forests

The Forest and Wood Industry Transformation Plan from Te Uru Rākau could enable a radical shift towards more value-adding opportunities for Aotearoa's foresters, says NZ Forest Owners Association CEO David Rhodes.

28 August 2022

First year of research into breeding low methane-emitting cows shows promise

Research run by artificial breeding companies LIC and CRV has confirmed bulls' genetics play a role in how much methane they emit, highlighting the potential for dairy farmers to breed lower methane-emitting cows in future.